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Contact Consulting enables organisations to access a range of skills, expertise and experience based on our extensive work across the public, private and charitable sectors

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The impending completion of the journey into retirement of our founder and Executive Chairman, Nigel Appleton, together with the move of our Managing Director Steve Appleton to take up the post of President and CEO of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership bring major changes to Contact Consulting.

Our work in the field of housing and care for older people continues but important elements of that work are now handled through an arrangement with Barton Wilmore, now SANTEC, specifically with James Donagh taking on many of the functions Nigel previously fulfilled.

David Appleton will continue to carry out the background research and draft reports for clients via the arrangement with James. Nigel continues to maintain an interest in the field of housing and care for older people and its issues and is proposing to continue his writing in this field.

We are happy to discuss projects and to advise on the best route to finding the help and support you require. Please feel free to contact us by email (our preferred medium for initial contact) or by telephone:

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Please note that our landline telephone number is no longer operative.